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The Blockchain Practice Library allows our learning community of Professionals & Experts to have one location for an extensive collection of downloads, including research papers, reports, use cases, and other relevant information on Blockchain. This online resource remains available after you complete your course and certification program, as a subscription service, so that you can keep updated your Blockchain skills.

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2018McKinseyWhat every utility CEO should know about blockchainCross-industryReportWeb
2018BCGDoes Your Supply Chain Need a Blockchain?ManufacturingReportWeb
2018DeloitteBlockchain: A technical primerCross-industryReportWeb
2018DeloitteBlockchain: How can financial institutions leverage a powerful technology?FinanceReportWeb
2018KPMGSeize the full potential of blockchain in 3 stepsCross-industryReportWeb
2018PwCBlockchain: Evolve with impactCross-industryReportWeb
2018DeloitteBlockchain to Blockchains: Broad Adoption and Integration Enter the Realm of the PossibleCross-industryReportWeb
2017OracleThe Emergence of Blockchain: Seizing OpportunityCross-industryReportWeb
2018CognizantDemystifying BlockchainCross-industryReportPDF
2015UCLABlockchain TechnologyCross-industryReportPDF
2018U.S. DOCBlockchain Technology OverviewCross-industryReportPDF
2018BNCA Gentle Introduction to Blockchain TechnologyCross-industryReportPDF
2017EuroparlHow Blockchain Technology Could Change Our LivesCross-industryReportPDF
2018DBS BankUnderstanding Blockchain TechnologyFinanceReportPDF
2017ETH ZurichDo You Need Blockchain?Cross-industryReportPDF
2017IEEEAn Overview of Blockchain Technology: Architecture, Consensus, and Future TrendsCross-industryReportPDF
2017WEFRealizing the Potential of BlockchainCross-industryReportPDF
2016IBMMaking Blockchain Real for Business - Use CasesCross-industryUse CasePDF
2017DeloitteBlockchain: Revolutionary Change or Not? - Cross sector Use CasesCross-industryUse CasePDF
2017HICLBlockchain in Logistics and Supply Chain: Trick or Treat?LogisticsUse CasePDF
2017CoDCSmart Contracts: 12 Use Cases for Business & BeyondCross-industryUse CasePDF
2017PwCUse Cases for Blockchain Technology in Energy & Commodity TradingEnergyUse CasePDF
2016PwCBlockchain - An Opportunity for Energy Producers and ConsumersEnergyUse CasePDF
2017CognizantRetail Opening the Doors to BlockchainRetailUse CasePDF
2018DHLBlockchain in LogisticsLogisticsUse CasePDF
2018BiTABlockchain 101 and Use Cases in LogisticsLogisticsUse CasePDF
2017KairosBlockchain Use Cases for Food Traceability and ControlFoodUse CasePDF
2017EYBlockchain Innovation in Wealth and Asset ManagementFinanceUse CasePDF
2017FinTechFour Blockchain Use Cases for BanksFinanceUse CasePDF
2018MDPIBlockchain and Smart Contracts for InsuranceInsuranceUse CasePDF
2017TUMAnalysis of Use Cases of Blockchain Technology in Legal TransactionsLegalUse CasePDF
2017IFCBlockchain in Financial Services in Emerging MarketsFinanceUse CasePDF
2019DeloitteAn internal auditor’s guide to blockchainCross-industryReportPDF
2019DeloitteUnleashing blockchain in financeFinanceReportPDF
2018OULSLegal Recognition of Blockchain Registries and Smart ContractsLegalPaperPDF