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Expand your AI|ML|DL (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning) Practice today and become a game changer! Get access to tons of papers and downloads handpicked from the digital strategy leaders:

  • Consultancies such as McKinsey, BCG, Deloitte, KPMG, Accenture, PwC, and more.
  • Technology firms such as IBM, Oracle, Google, Amazon, SAP, Cisco, and Microsoft.
  • Institutions such as Harvard, Oxford, MIT, Insead, Penn, IMD, and The World Economic Forum (WEF).

The AI|ML|DL Practice Library allows our learning community of Professionals & Experts to have one location for an extensive collection of downloads and other relevant information on AI|ML|DL. This online resource remains available after you complete your course and certification program, as a subscription service, so that you can keep updated your AI|ML|DL skills.

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2016DeloitteArtificial Intelligence Innovation Report
2018DeloitteArtificial Intelligence Innovation ReportStrategyCross-industryReportPDF25
2017DeloitteArtificial Intelligence – Next “bold play” - Why businesses need to pay attention to Artificial Intelligence?StrategyCross-industryReportPDF7
2018DeloitteWhat is AI? What is Machine Learning? What is Cognitive Analytics?StrategyCross-industryReportPDF34
2017DeloitteAI and you Perceptions of Artificial Intelligence from the EMEA financial services industryStrategyFinanceReportPDF24
2017DeloitteArtificial Intelligence: Why businesses need to pay attention to artificial intelligence?StrategyFinanceReportPDF6
2014DeloitteDemystifying artificial intelligence - What business leaders need to know about cognitive technologiesStrategyCross-industryReportPDF24
2015DeloitteCognitive technologies in the technology sector - From science fiction vision to real-world valueStrategyCross-industryReportPDF28
2017DeloitteDeloitte Digital Series - Artificial IntelligenceStrategyCross-industryDeckPDF69
2017DeloitteDemystifying Artificial Intelligence delivered by Data ScienceStrategyCross-industryDeckPDF40


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